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Readings 1 meter depth. Burnt River Gold Dredging Co. Pioneer Dredging Co. Geologic Map, Quad. Map of Ironside Mtn. Copper Belt - Clover Crk. Dechutes Co. Property Map of the Maud S. Mines P. Nichols Mining Co. Tunnels, 2 mi. Lode Horizontal Section. Placer nd Grant North Fork Dist. Plan and sec. Boulder Group backside map notes nd Grant Quartzburg. Trout Creek Mining Co.


Lewis and Columbia Mines Co. Cross Section of J. Portland Cement Co. Claims Index Map of Groups Pat. Claims of Imnaha and Snake R. Area ? Simplot Co. Thorn Springs nd nd nd Washington Co. Thorn Springs Thorn Spring Crk. Mining Dist. Pathfinder Group; plat of claim, sheet 1. Pathfinder Group; plat of claim, sheet 2. Auburn Townsite, from memory of Hughes drawn in Baker County. Surface Map of Buckeye Patented Claims.

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Buckeye Sketch of Cross-Section. Claim Map, on Salmon Creek. Mining Property and adjoining Claims, and Milling Co. Replat No. Robert Kitchen Placer patented in Octo Gold Co. Baker and Grant Counties.

Plat of Claim of California Mine. Imperial Cable Cove Bald Mountain. Cable Cove Gold Mining Co.

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Assay Plan of Upper Level. Geology, graphics and tunnels black and white. Geology, graphics and tunnels grayscale. Ore occurrence of "Sunshine" and "Railroad" fault zones. Plan Showing Principal Features of Geology color. Plan Showing Principal Features of Geology grayscale. James P. Faull Placer Mine.

Faull Quartz Mine. John O. Working plan of Dyke Footwall. Plat of Company and Adjoinging claims. Section on the Plane of the Union Vein with workings.

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Section on the plane of the Last Chance Vein. Section on the Plane of Last Chance Vien.

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Section on the Plane of the Last Chance Vein with workings. Workings of Union vein. Longitudinal Section of Dyke Footwall. Sketch of part of the Red Boy and Mountain Chief. Cornucopia Claims with M. Surface Geology, Cracker Creek Project. Argonaut and Wilmont Groups. Sample Map of Argonaut Mine. Bald Mountain Con.

Quartz MiningClaim Ibex. Bald Mtn. Mine, Ore Shipping Data. Cracker Crk. Columbia Mine, Level North, Feb. Columbia Mine, Level North, Mar. Columbia Mine, Level North, Dec. Columbia Mine, Level South, Dec. Columbia Mine, Sectional Elevation Footwall, Columbia Mine, Level South, Feb. Columbia Mine, Level South, Mar. Longitudingal Sec. Plan and long. Longitudinal Section map no. Mining District; Claims Map. Assay sec. Hole 6-Consolidated Mining and Smelting.

Part of Cracker Creek Mining District.

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Consolidated Mining Tunnels. Bourne Gold Mining Co. Plan and Long section,showing sampling of unstopped sections map 7.

Velvet Goldmine

Eureka Consolidated Placer Claim, M. Diagram of placer Claim. Mount Ireland, Bourne, Cracker Crk. Sample list. North Pole Adit No.